Pregnant women should not use these shampoos

Time:2021-02-06 Views:2183

Do not use shampoos containing dihydroxydiethylamine

Most shampoos and bath products on the market more or less contain dihydroxydiethylamine. If this ingredient is absorbed into the blood microcirculation through the pores of the expectant mother during pregnancy, it will have an adverse effect on the fetal brain development. Therefore, pregnant women need to use appropriate shampoo.

Do not use shampoo containing ZPT

Can not choose general anti-dandruff shampoo, because it contains ZPT, ZPT is suitable for anti-dandruff rinse hair products, but the maximum use concentration of the product is 1.5%, many anti-dandruff shampoos are over the standard, each use contains Shampoo twice with ZPT 1.5% shampoo and adding ZPT in the conditioner may cause toxicity to the fetus.