Four ways to distinguish the quality of shampoo

Time:2021-02-06 Views:2036

Shampoo is our essential daily necessities. But there are so many shampoo brands on the market. How to observe the quality of shampoo? Today, the shampoo processing factory uses four methods to teach you to distinguish the quality of shampoo. Let's take a look!

1. Wetness

There is not much nutrient conditioner in shampoo, and long-term use of this shampoo has no effect on hair care. A good shampoo is that even if we do not comb our hair before washing our hair, it can still make our hair soft and not knotted when we wash our hair, and knotted hair can be easily unclogged with fingers. The shampoo is added with some nutritious hair care ingredients, while washing our hair while taking care of our hair, our hair will become smoother and smoother.

2. Irritating

Extremely irritating is also a criterion for bad shampoo quality. Using shampoo will irritate the scalp. Such shampoo should never be used, otherwise it is not good for our scalp. Shampoos are always added For chemical ingredients, just choose a less irritating shampoo.

3. Foam

Shampoo can generally be rubbed and foamed. If a shampoo is difficult to rub and foam, its quality is not so good. Shampoo with less foam will not clean well and it is difficult to clean the oily dirt on the hair. , Then the hair will still be very dirty and greasy after washing the hair, this shampoo is meaningless, so it is better to choose a shampoo that is easy to rub and foam.

4. Dry slip

Some shampoos can be wet and slippery when washing hair, but after washing the hair and the hair is dry, the hair will still become very dry and unsmooth. This is the lack of some hair care and moisturizing factors in the shampoo. The quality of the shampoo is good, but it is not suitable for people with dry hair, so everyone should try to choose a shampoo that is very smooth after washing the hair. This kind of shampoo will be better.