The shampoo can still be used like this

Time:2021-02-06 Views:2100

Shampoo is our essential daily necessities, but it is a pity to lose the shampoo that is idle at home. Let it go, it's not used up until it expires. Today I will teach you a few different usages of shampoo.

1. Brighten up leather shoes

When you are in a hurry, a little shampoo can brighten up your shoes. You just need to apply shampoo on the worn area, wipe it off, polish it, and you're done. If there is saltiness, this trick is also tried and tested.


2. When laundry detergent

For all kinds of stains on clothing, shampoo also has a miraculous effect. Pour a few drops on it, rub it a few times, soak it, then all the steps will be the same.


3. Lubricant

If your zipper suddenly gets stuck, don't panic. Put a drop of shampoo to the stuck position and then pull to make sure it is as smooth as new.


4. Use as shaving cream

If you happen to have no shaving cream, shampoo can also be your good helper. Add some water, shake it, won't the bubbles come out? Not only does it foam more than soap, but it is also not as dry as soap. Many women do it like this when shaving their legs.


5. Remove stains

Do the stains on the carpet also give you a headache? Add water to the shampoo, pat the stained area lightly, and then use a dry towel to absorb the moisture. Repeat this several times, and the stain will disappear.


6. Clean the paint

Do you think the brush after painting is the most difficult to clean? Add a few drops of shampoo, rub it gently, and rinse it off with clean water. It will be restored to its original shape. But remember, don't wash in hot water, it will shed hair!