Scented Wax Sachets



Product details

Ingredients: soybean wax; coconut wax; beeswax; natural plant essential oil; AA grade dried flower.

Scented wax sachets is made from Swiss imported spices and natural beeswax, preferably natural dried flowers. After the dried flowers are dried naturally, the original color of the flowers can be maintained for a long time.

Scented wax sachets is a amazing goods that can make people feel physically and mentally happy. It improves the quality of life when living alone, and with different feelings when person are couple. The fragrance of essential oils is fresh pleasant and natural.

Product name

Scented wax sachets


Air Fragrance Freshening


35 grams


Safety Scented




100% Natural material




Customized /Normally white

Shelf time

24 months

Because of the addition of essential oils, Scented wax tablets&scented wax sachets can be used as part of aromatherapy and you can take it with you. Even, it can replace the dull and unpleasant mothballs and hang them in the closet or car to remove odors.

The scent is not surprisingly strong, but it can often last for a long time, allowing us to enjoy the fragrance of this delicate fragrance. What's even better is that the wonderful plants on the wax slices will involuntarily make us feel the happiness brought by flowers and plants.

Mention:Please do not hold the sachet in direct contact with clothes and keep away from heated sources, do not place directly under the sun. The wax can become malleable at high temperature. Especially soy wax it has lower melting temperature.