What should I do if my hair is oily?

Time:2021-02-06 Views:5860

We all know that if you do not wash your hair for a long time, you will get oil, but if you wash your hair too frequently, you will also get oil. Sebum is secreted based on information feedback. After frequent shampooing to wash off the oil on the scalp, the sebum will receive the message of "lack of oil" and then further secrete oil, which will lead to more and more oil secretion. Hair is getting oilier.

Countermeasures: It is best to control the number of shampoos once every 2-3 days, but ensure that each shampoo can be clean and thorough. The shampoo can be divided into two times. The first time is to wash the scalp, and the second time to wash the scalp at the same time. If you get up in the morning and your hair is messy, you can rinse it with water, and use conditioner to soften the hair, without using shampoo.