How to choose shampoo for dry hair

Time:2021-02-06 Views:5595

Dry hair is easy to get knotted, and it is particularly prone to static electricity in winter, and it will blow up if it is not taken care of after washing. This type of hair is due to insufficient secretion of sebaceous glands, leading to lack of oil on the scalp. Coupled with the frequent use of hot dyeing and inferior hair dryer blowing, the hair scaly circle was destroyed by several degrees.

Therefore, friends with dry hair should not choose: deep cleansing, weakly alkaline shampoo; because dry hair uses deep cleansing shampoo for a long time, the scalp acid-base imbalance will eventually lead to increased dandruff and hair Getting dry.

The best choice: a mild shampoo with a small amount of silicone oil. You must have heard some reports about the bad silicone oil, but for dry hair, it needs the protection of silicone oil. With it, the hair can become smoother and shiny.