Should I use shampoo or conditioner first?

Time:2021-02-06 Views:1918

Everyone washes their hair often, and the steps are the same: Wet the hair, apply shampoo, rub it, rinse it off, apply conditioner, and rinse it off again. If the hair is too dirty, wash it again. So when washing hair, should I use shampoo or conditioner first?

The choice of shampoo should be based on the hair quality-soft or hard.

Thin and soft hair can use protein-rich shampoo to increase elasticity and shine. Rough hair requires a moisturizing and anti-static shampoo to avoid frizz, knots and split ends.

The choice of shampoo should change according to the season. It is easy to sweat in summer, the oil glands of the scalp are secreted more vigorously, and dandruff will increase accordingly. At this time, you should use anti-dandruff shampoo.

In winter, hair is relatively dry and prone to static electricity. The shampoo used at this time should be moisturizing, smooth and anti-static.

Hair that is soft, thin and lightly damaged is more plump, you can consider using conditioner before shampoo. The advantage of this is that after two washes (one time with the conditioner and one more time with the shampoo), the hair will not become close to the scalp due to the excessive effect of the conditioner and will not be fluffy. But it is different for thick, hard or severely damaged hair. This kind of hair often needs the help of hair care products to become soft and not frizzy. Using conditioner first will cause a lot of loss under the rubbing of shampoo and weaken the care effect. So use shampoo first, then conditioner.

Finally, no matter whether you use it first or later, the conditioner should only be applied to the tips and not the roots, and rinse off in time.

The water temperature of the shampoo should not be too cold or too hot: too cold water temperature may not wash clean, and too much heat will damage the hair, causing or aggravating dry and frizzy hair.

Do not rub too hard: rub the hair with strength to form foam (that is, wash it clean), do not use too hard, otherwise it will cause the hair to knot, difficult to comb, and easy to break. The girl with long nails rubs it hard and may scratch the scalp.