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  Transparent soap with a cartoon swan,swan lake, handmade soap
Transparent soap with a cartoon swan,swan lake, handmade soap

Quick Details

  • Type: Toilet Soap
  • Toilet Soap Type: Bath Soap
  • Style: Bar Soap
  • Form: Solid
  • Handmade: Yes
  • Transparent: No
  • Medicated: Yes
  • Ingredient: Herbal
  • Main Ingredient: Olive Oil
  • Age Group: Adults
  • Feature: Basic Cleaning, Antiseptic, Whitening, Slimming
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: wzps008ab
  • Model Number: 1w
  • Minimum order: 220
  • Spec: 100g

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 200 pcs per carton
Delivery Detail: 7-10day


coconut oil,palm oil,almond oil,organic glycerin,Grape seed oil,natural milk,rose essential oil etc.

Nature arom soap Series description:
This series is based on plant essential oils and fruit trait, create different formula,and different efficacy nature arom soap.there is moisturizing, soft natural hand soap plant. Each are made from hand-refined, are unique, attractive aroma, and after the set to you feel happy,
Natural soap all the materials from natural raw materials, there are coconut oil, palm oil, almond oil, Jojoba oil, olive oil, plant essential oil, tea tree oil, glycerin. These pure vegetable oil, and a lot of moisturizing ingredients, so that after you wash your face, do not feel dry, tight, clean at the same time effective to allow the skin to fully moisten, moisture, can do in peacetime can not Cleanser moisture!
How We Make Our Soap

Our soap is truly homemade by us, using the cold process method of soap making. We don¡¯t buy pre-made soap and package it to sell as homemade like some sites. Ours is not a pre-made soap base or soap flakes melted down with additional ingredients added like some other sites. We begin our soap making with our own recipes to be the gentlest most lathering soap. Some soaps are designed for gentleness and others for lather to wash hair. The ingredients include a variety of exotic vegetable oils, vitamins, extracts, and herbs. We use wonderful chemical-free essential oils to scent our soaps.

Cold process soap is not usually poured into fancy molds. Cold process soap must be kept warm and insulated for at least the first 24 hours after mixing to help the soap complete the saponification process (lye and oil molecules attaching to each other). Small molds are difficult to keep warm enough for this process. Cold process soap also has a tendency to stick to molds and not release from the fine indentations because it remains soft for a long time. Usually if someone wants to make soap in fancy molds they either make the soap and wait until after the saponification process has ended or buy a pre made soap then grate it and melt it again to pour into the fancy molds. We do not process our soap a second time. We like our soap natural and unprocessed.

We make our soap with various oils, lye (sodium hydroxide), and purified water. Lye, unlike chemicals used in commercial soaps, is only used in the making of soap, but is not present in the soap after the soap has cured. The lye undergoes a chemical process binding the lye molecules to the oil molecules resulting in new molecules that are soap (actually soap is a salt). That is why commercial soaps list as some of their ingredients sodium tallowate (soap made with tallow) or sodium palmate (soap made with palm oil). The gentlest mildest of all soaps are made with lye. Cold process soap is milder than even the so-called glycerin soaps bases used in making fancy clear soaps. These soaps are usually commercially made and are equal in quality to commercial soap with all the chemicals and are really detergents and not soap at all. Clear glycerin soap is made clear by boiling it with alcohol and adding sugar and glycerin at the end if homemade and contains many more ingredients if commercially made. The purpose in making the soap clear is for decoration not for improving the quality of the soap for skin. Cold process soap naturally contains glycerin as a by-product of the natural saponification of soap. It is not necessary to add it to the soap. In commercial soap making the natural glycerin is removed and used in other products like cosmetics, lotions, and creams that you will probably need because of the drying nature of commercial soap.

We make our soap using modern homemade soap procedures using accurate digital scales that weigh to the tenth of an ounce or gram. This allows us to calculate in a surplus of oils to ensure all the lye is consumed and allowing for additional unsaponified oils to leave skin clean but not dry feeling. We accurately weigh the oils, water, and lye according to the recipes we design with the precise amount calculated for that recipe. After the soap mixture reaches saponification we add the additional nutrient ingredients to the soap and pour it into the prepared mold. Then it is insulated and left until the chemical process is finished and the soap has cooled. Then the soap is removed from the mold and cut into bars by hand. We don¡¯t trim the soaps unless they have some ash on them which is usually only a little in a corner. The soaps are a little rough looking and not perfectly shaped. By not trimming the soaps excessively we can give the customers more soap. The rough edges will come off the first time or two they are used anyway. We are switching to new molds so our future soaps should be approximately the same size and within an ounce in weight. Our aim is to have all our soaps between 4 and 5 ounces. If we label the soap a certain weight like 4 oz., the soap can be up to 1/2 to a whole ounce heavier than labeled states, making it really up to 5 oz. in size . The future soaps will be approximately 1 x 2 x 3 inches in size or a little bigger. Right now they are various sizes but all easy to handle. We let our soaps cure at least 3 weeks or more before labeling or selling them.

Why do natural organic skin care products cost more?
The better the quality of the skin care product, the more natural and organic ingredients it will contain. The lower quality products are made with synthetic ingredients such as mineral oil and fragrances, plus many chemicals that imitate natural ingredients. White mineral oil in cosmetics is a highly refined and purified mined by-product of the petroleum industry. The safety of mineral oil is debatable and it is a dead oil contributing no vitamins or nutrients to products made with it. It is produced in abundance so it¡¯s cost is very minimal to the cosmetic industry. Often, companies will add vitamins to their cosmetics because the mineral oil used as their base offers no benefit to skin other than a moisture barrier. Artificial fragrances are merely a combination of chemicals and are added to cosmetics because they are very inexpensive and have a strong scent. The artificial chemicals that give the fragrance it¡¯s long lasting scent are highly toxic but never listed on the ingredients list because the percentage is so small.

In contrast, natural plant oils contain an abundance of nutrients and vitamins that benefit skin. Natural products tend to have a shorter ingredient list because less ingredients are needed to make a great skin care product. Natural products are scented with essential oils which offer not only wonderful scents but they offer many healing properties. Essential oils are made of the vital oils of plants. It takes thousands of flowers, leaves, or other plant parts to make a small amount of essential oil. So why do natural organic skin care products cost more. They have much higher quality ingredients and offer more for your skin¡¯s health.

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