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  soap industry,Turmeric Anti-off, hair care shampoo soap
soap industry,Turmeric Anti-off, hair care shampoo soap

Efficacy: repair hair follicles, promote circulation, hair care, solid fat, anti-off


All products are handmade from the finest flower and plant essences available and made to the highest standards. Only products that we would in complete 100% confidence use on our own children go out our door!

We use only food / cosmetic grade natural ingredients, most of which are organic or wildcrafted. 98% of our ingredients are imported and come from countries such as France, Egypt, USA, Brazil, India, Turkey, Malaysia, Italy, Canada, Russia, Ghana and many more. We also believe in full ingredient disclosure and that all customers have the right to know what they are putting on or in their body. All products that we produce may be legally imported and sold in any country.

We seek to establish mutually supportive business relationship worldwide. We specialize in melting and pour glycerine soap base in the form of ,transaprent soap base,organic soap base,glycerin soap base,clear soap base,natural white soap base;

Product Ingredients

Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Hazelnut Oil, Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Organic Manuka Honey, Seaweed Powder, White Willow Bark Extract, Australian Olive Green Clay, Vitamin E, Essential Oil Blend

You could count on our best quality concerning:

1. Hardness
2. Transparency
3. Stable property

We are actually a direct manufacturing of semi-finish transparent soap base. Our transparent soap is very stable, hard & transparent in terms of its technology and quality.


Our service:

1.Offer OEM service
2.logo printed on soap
3.Wholesale & agent

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