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  Santa Claus transparent soap,gift soap (wzCSM001)
Santa Claus transparent soap,gift soap (wzCSM001)

Quick Details

  • Type:Toilet Soap
  • Toilet Soap Type:Face Soap
  • Form:Solid
  • Handmade:Yes
  • Transparent:No
  • Medicated:Yes
  • Ingredient:Herbal
  • Main Ingredient:Olive Oil
  • Age Group:Adults
  • Feature:Basic Cleaning, Antiseptic, Whitening, Slimming
  • Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name:1w
  • Model Number:wzCSM001
  • Minimum order:5000
  • Spec:300g

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:200 pcs per carton
Delivery Detail:7-10day


            Crystal transparent use of natural vegetable oil soap, coconut oil, palm oil, Jojoba oil, glycerine, etc               

[Crystal]transparent soap series overview:
[Briefly]: crystal transparent soap, this series of modeling is based on a variety of real flowers, animal modeling and design, all kinds of realistic flowers, animals, life, suitable for young people, students, a variety of products such as wholesale shop The new unique and practical, to attract the attention of young people.
Crystal transparent use of natural vegetable oil soap, coconut oil, palm oil, Jojoba oil, glycerine, etc., low temperature handmade soap, do not undermine the performance of oil and raw materials, raw materials to maintain a good nourishing skin care properties of its own, can be Good clean, soft skin, long-term use, can be achieved Skin whitening the effectiveness of emollients to the skin delicate, plump cheeks, brilliant beautiful you.
[Main ingredients]: natural vegetable oil, fragrance oil, glycerine, moisturizing ingredients.
[Performance and effectiveness]: a transparent crystal of natural handmade soap, all-round alternative to ordinary soap, facial cleanser, face cream, etc., natural plant oils, can be infiltrated into the skin quickly and effectively to promote the systemic blood circulation, Rose vitamin C, organic acids , glucose, Citronellol, such as, for adjustment of the human endocrine, promote metabolism, elimination of fatigue, whitening,Speckle reducing, help eliminate edema. Hydrate the skin. Rich foam. White and flexibility. Of materials used and all natural, pure vegetable oil, a lot of moisturizing ingredients, so that after you wash your face, do not feel dry, tight, clean at the same time effective to allow the skin to fully moisten, moisture, usually able to do facial milk can not rain!
Care, first of all from the beginning Cleansing. Natural selection of our hand-cleansing soap, make your skin more easily, long-term use, can effectively whitening, moisture, skin plump, ruddy, bright touching you. This is suitable for all skin types.
[Application]: suitable for a variety of people (except BB) from the personal cleansing, the use of bathing, especially for professional beauty salons in the facial, SPA Bath Museum of use, is also owner of Aromatherapy bath wholesale purchase preferred.
[Usage]: (in order to face as an example) to open the transparent film packaging, wet my face first, the soap also partial wetting, and then gently brush in the face,Playing circle, and then put soap and rub hands gentlyin Playing circle the face, cleaning, and thin out the bubble and gently rub, massage, about 5-8min later, washed with water.
[Methods]:storage: on dry after use to avoid bubbles in the water, such as soap surface, there is a transparent crystal-like, that is the essence of soap in the infiltration, which is a normal phenomenon.

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