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Fall Skin Easy "dry" skin moisturizing anti-drying 8 coup
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Autumn comes, the skin becomes more dry weather in the fragile dry. Your skin is not always in a "dry" state? Dry skin as withered flowers, not angry. Let the flowers bloom again, learning a few coup following skin moisturizing it!
    Autumn was very hot, people enjoy the fall season brings cool and comfortable, but also slowly feel dry skin --- smile are tied tight face, the words are concerns with chapped lips. Winter skin safely allow the best way is prevention. In the dry season, how to keep it supple skin? Xiao Bian Weapon for you.
    The most important prevention dry skin Qiuzao
    Autumn was very hot, the skin also overnight into the autumn, you also do not always feel dry skin moisture it?
    Why the fall prone skin discomfort it? Since the fall dry climate, cold, skin contraction of blood vessels often significantly reduce the secretion of sweat glands, sebaceous glands, the skin loses its normal moisture, so skin dry, tight feeling. There will be severe itching, peeling, chapped and other symptoms.
    Want to keep your skin supple good, should take timely and effective measures before drying symptoms appear. The most important is to have preventive skin care methods to reduce the stratum corneum moisture and fat loss, keep the skin moist.
    8 coup, Keep stay supple muscle
    1, attention to nutrition, keep things from the inside
    TCM believes that "lung skin and hair." Autumn dryness in season, easily injured lungs. Governance dryness of the law, in order to run for your. So, to solve the problem of dry itchy skin Nourishing should start eating with spleen and lungs, nourishing and moisturizing features foods such as white fungus, gingko nuts, lily, and so on. Nourishing yin eat fruits such as pears, star fruit, cantaloupe, eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as carrots, rape, etc., so that the skin get moist.
    2, the water from the inside to the outer
    For autumn skin, water is a top priority, drink plenty of water to relieve dry skin from the inside out. Day can not be less than 1000 ml, but not more than 3000 ml.
    In addition to drinking water, the fall of the fresh fruit is also rich against Qiuzao share. Such as Sydney, papaya, apple, star fruit, dates, grapes and other seasonal fruits, not only delicious, but also nourishing yin, enhance skin elasticity.
    3, keep the environment clean and moist
    Reduce allergens stimulate dust, animal fur, pollen, fungi on the skin, to try to improve the indoor humidity, humidity is usually around 50 more appropriate.
    For purely seasonal dry skin, itching and other issues, if they can do more than four points, we can largely improve or even eliminate dry skin, itching and other issues. If persistent or recurrent itching, you should as soon as possible to dermatology hospital for treatment.
    4, the timely replacement of skin care products
    The biggest problem is the fall dry climate, dry skin, so skin care products should also be timely season. Many MM pursuit of cool in the summer, fear sticky greasy skin, use strong cleaning type cleanser. Into the autumn, and then continue to use this type of cleansing products can cause excessive oil peel, making the skin more dry or peeling, it should be replaced with a mild cleanser.
    Lotion, too, should be replaced by moisture-based, rather than clean toning type, especially those containing refined lotion but not suitable.
    Creams lotions and other basic goods also need to be replaced, the original painted nothing, believe haircut MM, the best skin care lotion can be cast. The original use of the emulsion in the summer, you should put the cream.
    5, multi-sports movement
    You can choose walking, cycling, gymnastics, jogging, skipping, etc., the degree of movement to the body to sweat a little. While the movement may be appropriate in the sun. Select the appropriate time in the sun in the evening, every half hour or so, the sun should choose lee.
    Through moderate exercise and sun, you can feel the air of soothing outdoor sunlight, improving the utilization of oxygen in the body to promote the body's blood circulation, keep the body strong metabolism, sebaceous glands, sweat glands get the normal secretion to moisten skin and prevent dry skin, itching, peeling and other symptoms of.
    6, rub moisturizer after bathing as soon as possible
    Skincare and ready to be adjusted according to seasonal transition and personal skin condition. In autumn, you should choose a low irritant, high moisture, skin care lotion or cream with moisturizing functions. Attention to the sun during the day should go. Evening bath time not too long, the water temperature is kept below 39 ℃, water and grease to prevent overheating and loss.
    Apply after bathing while the skin yet moist skin lotion or skin care products all dry immediately, so that the skin surface to form a protective film to help keep the skin moist and prevent skin moisture evaporation, thus effectively reducing skin dryness.
    7, autumn sun is also important
    Some MM believes that autumn, the sun began to change gentle, sunscreen has not necessities.
    In fact, this idea is not correct, although the temperature drops, people feel cool, but in fact as strong ultraviolet light also, and in the summer, with people traveling frequently fall, sun care is still a big deal, not only should continue to use sunscreen, sunscreen multiples and summer should be the same as the general value of ordinary cream containing sunscreen does not meet demand.
    8, no deep cleaning
    Do Cuozao to prevent damage to the skin surface sebum film. Fall deep clean skin without excessive cleaning is caused by the consequences of the oil in the skin dry outside, that both the oil and skin desquamation, this time should use a good moisturizing properties, and strong balance oil products, improve skin moisture.
    Skin replenishment Tips:
    Kiwi, tomatoes, grapefruit and other fruits and vegetables, vitamin C content, can improve by the summer sun tanned skin sinister, but also to a certain extent, eliminate spots on the skin, keeping the skin white, prevent pigmentation. Which also contains a lot of tomato lycopene, help flattening new wrinkles, prevent dark circles.
    In addition, white fungus, milk, sesame, sweet potatoes, yams, carrots, lily, fungus, Radix, almonds, sugar cane and other food, fall is also a good skin food, eat good.
    Dry weather, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, onion, wine, chicken, geese and other spicy foods and barbecue are unfit to eat, avoid skin acne.

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