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How to control oily skin care and clean water efforts
Data:2014/6/16 11:12:15  Hit:3553
You know your skin the oil situation and solution? Fact, human skin is based on how much oil from mild to severe skin problems to varying degrees, the right to know, the right medicine, to make skin fresh oil without the burden, we How to improve it? Xiaobian together to learn it!
    Efforts to control the temperature and
    The first condition is washed clean, not tight, with a clean lay the foundation for the maintenance is the key. Skin sebum by ceramide and natural moisturizing factor NMF posed itself is the best natural defensive barrier, thus cleaning products when washing away the dirt, do not destroy the defense of this layer of sebum, keratin in order to maintain adequate water holding capacity, However, according to statistics, the temperature increases by 1 ℃, facial sebum secretion will increase by 15%, especially in the summer into the occasion, faced with sick people sticky shiny, clean effort inevitably too far, but let T word parts of the skin becomes unbalanced water and oil, grease secretion will be up more rapidly. Efforts to control and clean water, is the beginning of oil control.
    Water and oil balance of skin conditioning
    With nursing care is essential to moisturize. Related survey showed that 80% of people have oily skin dry phenomenon exists, this exuberant amount of grease will dry skin condition good hiding. If you are just endless when skin oil, rather than add moisture to the skin, the body's balance system will spontaneously start, the skin will continue to secrete more oil, in order to replenish the loss of a large number of fat, it makes the skin becomes more and more oil. Also, the oil secretion process also requires large amounts of water, high temperatures caused a lot of sweat, may aggravate dry skin condition.
    Regular exfoliation
    People with oily skin are generally biased thick cuticle, so you can use 2-3 times in January exfoliating products. Cuticle thin man scrub once a week to clean the skin more deeply, to avoid excessive sebum, sweat all the blocked pores, but be sure to put some gentle way, otherwise it may be harmful to our delicate skin.
    Suppression pox ingredients using oil products
    Almost all oily skin acne grow into muscle, so after cleaning, use oil-free products ingredients suppression suppression pox acne muscle, prevent acne worse. Forget beautiful multi-step care.

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