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LED Light Therapy Offers Non-invasive Way to Shed Stubborn Fat.
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LED Light Therapy Offers Non-invasive Way to Shed Stubborn Fat.

 A new method of Lipo Suction using LED lights offers patients a non-invasive alternative to surgery.

When the body requires energy, the brain sends signals to adipose cells to break down stored fat. This process is called lipolysis. Free fatty acids are then released into the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body. Lipo Light acts in a similar manner where heat and light emitted through the device stimulates the release of energy.

“We can actually reduce body size, loose inches and loose pounds,” Dr. Thomas Gault from the Gault Wellness Center in Harrisburg Pennsylvania said. “A series of panels are placed on the targeted area and it allows the light from the panels to enter the tissue, which causes the fat cells to actually open up and release their contents. Once the fat is released, the fat cells can collapse, resulting in inch loss which is permanent assuming you maintain a reasonable diet.”
Cathy Lighty from Harrisburg recently went through 12 sessions. After six months of treatment, Lighty has lost a total of two inches off of her rib cage, one and 2/8 around her waist, and two inches around her abdomen. Lighty is thrilled with the results.
Watch Cathy Lighty's experience with Lipo Light.
Lipo Light is not a permanent treatment however. In order to sustain results, the LED Light Therapy must be used in conjunction with diet and exercise.


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