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LED Overtakes CFL Installation in U.S. Market for First Time in 2014
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LED Overtakes CFL Installation in U.S. Market for First Time in 2014.

0Precision Paragon, a U.S. energy efficient luminaire manufacturer, recently released its fourth annual state of the lighting industry survey. The survey was distributed to over 5,000 energy-efficient lighting industry professionals in December 2013.
Sixty four percent of survey takers experienced growth in 2013
Over half of the energy-efficient lighting professionals surveyed reported experiencing either “modest” or “substantial” growth in 2013. That’s in contrast to just 20% who experienced either “modest” or “substantial” decreases in their energy-efficient lighting revenue.

Energy-efficient lighting industry companies have seen continued growth since at least 2010
 • Since 2010, lighting professionals have reported experiencing growth over the past year ranged between 57% and 67%.

63% Met or Exceeded Their Expectations For 2013 Revenue
 • Over half of the lighting professionals surveyed indicated that they had either met or exceeded their own revenue forecasts in 2013.
• Up to 82% survey respondents indicated that they expect the industry to grow during 2014.
LEDs made up 37% of the fixtures installed in 2013
While sales of fluorescent lighting remained strong during 2013, respondents indicated that 37% of the energy-efficient lighting fixtures they used during 2013 were solid-state lighting. Looking back over the past 3 years that’s a growth of about 8% per year between 2011 and 2013.
LED expected to eclipse fluorescent for the first time in 2014
For the first time, respondents expect solid-state lighting to eclipse fluorescent lighting as the primary technology they install in 2014.

Based on the survey results and the company's own experience, Precision Paragon company concluded energy efficient lighting will still be in high demand in U.S. for the time being.


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