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  Natural handmade soap series
The blueberry soap
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The blueberry soap 

Nature arom soap Series description: 

  This series is based on plant essential oils and fruit trait, create different formula,and different  efficacy nature arom soap.there is  moisturizing, soft natural hand soap plant. Each are made from hand-refined, are unique, attractive aroma, and after the set to you feel happy, 

  Natural soap all the materials from natural raw materials, there are coconut oil, palm oil, almond oil, Jojoba oil, olive oil, plant essential oil, tea tree oil, glycerin. These pure vegetable oil, and a lot of moisturizing ingredients, so that after you wash your face, do not feel dry, tight, clean at the same time effective to allow the skin to fully moisten, moisture, can do in peacetime can not Cleanser moisture! 

blueberry arom soap 

Create soap origin: 

blueberry  essential  oilNatural plant essential oil, can quickly penetrate into skin, effectively promote the whole body blood circulation, stimulate the brain, eliminate fatigue; Moist skin, improve sleep, improve eyesight, allergy, rich foam tender and elastic all the materials 



Have you ever read the ingredients of the soap being sold in the market today? If not, please take a look and you will know why we believe in handmade cold process (CP) soap. 

As water and oil are naturally immiscible, in order to make liquid soap factory chemicals and stabilizers are used. Indeed, some of these same factory chemicals and stabilizers are recognized as carcinogenic substances. Also, the addition of unnatural scents, surfactants, and antibacterial agents can compound with these chemicals agent and increase the stress burden on dermal tissue and cause itchiness and inflammation for types of sensitive skin in the long-term. 

We use a cold process (CP) which is all of our soap is made around 40 Degree Celsius in order to maintain most of the valuable nutrients from the natural ingredients. Glycerin is highly produced byproduct during saponification process. Every handmade cp soap contains about 25% of glycerin, which is famous for its moisturizing properties and it can also prevent skin dryness. 


The report by the UK’s Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) revealed that synthetic chemicals from these consumer products and other healthcare products that are washed down the drain are sneaking through the filters at water purification plants. 

The list includes phthalates, a family of some 120 chemicals linked to reproductive problems in men and wildlife, and parabens, a preservative with a suspected link to breast cancer. 

Our soap can be fully dissolved by bacteria and turns into water and CO2 (carbonate dioxide) in 24 hours after using it. So, it brings no residual chemical burdens or pollution to our planet. It doesn’t matter which shop you purchase CP soap from, it’s good for you and good to the planet we live on. 


When you place a skin care product on your skin, your skin is absorbing the product. If the product has synthetic or toxic chemicals in it, your skin will absorb these toxins and you won’t feel a thing. Although your skin is meant to be a protective barrier, it can absorb the ingredients in many skin products because the skin is porous. If your skin care products contain harsh or toxic ingredients then your skin will absorb them. Chronic use of chemical laden ingredients will cause the body to store the chemicals. 

The best natural skin care products are made from fresh, natural ingredients. Our natural products are created with simple, natural ingredients such as oil, water, herbal infusions, fruit, vegetables, sea salt and natural soap. Your skin will absorb the great nutritional and mineral value from the natural ingredients. With regular use, you can see real improvements in your skin’s appearance from the use of healthy ingredients on your skin. 


We recommend that all pregnant and breastfeeding women and babies (under the age of 2) use fragrance-free products. Even soaps scented with natural essential oils can be unsafe. Essentials oils are medicinal just like herbal tea, and pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to stay away from many of these. Although our fragrance-free products may have a light smell to them because of the vegetable oils we use, they DO NOT contain any added fragrance or essential oils whatsoever. Our fragrance-frees soaps are completely safe to use on anyone, including your precious newborn. 

Please note our soaps are not tear-free, and will irritate the eyes. Please be sure to avoid getting soap in your or your child’s eyes.


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