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Orange soap
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Orange soap


Organic coconut and palm oils saponified, vegetable glycerin, organic orange peel, sweet orange essential oil, sorbitol [extracted from sugar beets], organic eucalyptus essential oil. That's it... No "Bad" Stuff!


All of the the oils and herbs used in this product are USDA certified organic. Palm oil is not just certified organic but Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified sustainable--this means that its harvesting does not contribute to rainforest deforestation and wildlife habitat loss as some palm oils do.


100% natural, contains no water, contains absolutely no synthetic chemicals or estrogen mimickers, contains absolutely no synthetic detergents, completely free of synthetic fragrances and colors, lathers up really well, one bar lasts a long time, orange oil helps clear up breakouts and has anti-aging properties, can be used in the shower or as a face and hand soap, gentle and non-irritating, vegan, no animal testing, gluten-free.


Our Organic Orange Soap was one of the first ones we created at Bubble & Bee, and it's still one of our customers' favorite soaps! Simple, clean and sweet, bursting with bits of exfoliating orange peel, it's gentle enough to use all over. This soap is filled with organic orange essential oil, which not only gives the soap its pure, fresh-squeezed orange scent, but also fights aging and acne-causing bacteria, which makes it the perfect facial soap. And with added vegetable glycerin, you'll get plenty of moisture with all that orange zest. Who needs their morning orange juice when they've got this refreshing, citrus soap to wake up to in the shower?

Lather soap bar in water with hands, a loofah or a washcloth and massage gently all over body, in hands or just on your face--wherever you plan on using our soap! Try our loofahs and sisal washcloths for the ultimate lathering experience.


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