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liquorice soap
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liquorice soap

liquorice soap is used as skin bleaching / skin lightening / skin whitening facial wash. Unlike commercial black soaps in the market, this soap has a high potency of licorice extract and arbutin in its formulation.

Best for facial use, for sensitive skin or maintenance. Use like regular facial wash. For the first week, leave on skin for 3-10 minutes. The following weeks of usage will be determined by your comfort level of handling the slight stinging or burning sensation. If your skin is sensitive, use only 2-3X a week at first, then see if you can handle more frequent usage.

If you choose to try it for the body, use as directed above. Use your common sense in determining the frequency of usage. You can skip for a day or two if uncomfortable with the sting feeling.

Just like other skin bleaching products, it may cause burning, itching, peeling, redness and irritation due to the active ingredients. Skin peeling is an essential part of the skin whitening process. Discontinue or decrease usage if excessive irritation occurs. Continue with the regimen once the burning subsides.

You may use the Black Soap as a "shaving foam" when you’re ready to rinse it out. Just moisten the dried foam with water if necessary. Shaving hastens the skin brightening through exfoliation but also contributes to skin sensitivity.

Dermaline Black Licorice Soap was originally intended for Philippine climate, which is hot and humid all year round, so it’s best to complement this with your favorite moisturizer - or use a sunscreen moisturizer with an SPF 30 or higher + UVA blocking sun protection and save yourself a step with your beauty routine. Avoid using moisturizers with strong exfoliating ingredients like retinol, alpha hydroxy or salicylic acid – or any acids/exfoliants.

Always use sunscreen with UVA protection (UVA rays cause premature wrinkling, while UVB rays causes sunburn) or else the whole skin lightening process is futile.

Even if you have sunscreen on, make it a habit to protect yourself physically from the sun through hats, sunglasses and long sleeved shirts because 50% of UVA rays occur in the shade.

After a few applications of Dermaline Black Licorice Soap, your skin might peel, itch or will seemingly get darker or ashier due to dead skin cells being resurfaced – these are normal side effects. Do not scratch or scrub your skin. Friction just darkens skin more. Very gently rub off peeling skin when you’re taking a bath.

For best results, you need to consume these products approximately every 2 weeks for at least 1 month or until you achieve the desired skin tone. You may decrease usage once you achieve the color you want.

If you have extremely or highly sensitive skin, these products are not for you. If prolonged irritation occurs, discontinue use.


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