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natural green tea soap
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natural green tea soap

Green Tea Soap: 100% Handmade Soap. Natural olive oil soap with the anti oxidant benefits of green tea. It's truly beautiful, healthy and wonderfully fragrant handmade soap.

Green Tea Soap

The soap is over 50% Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Palm Oil and Coconut Oil. It's cold processed so glycerin is retained. So you get all the benefits of Green Tea in a soap that's also fantastic for moisturizing and cleansing your skin!
Green Tea is extremely rich in anti oxidants and helps prevent aging.
It reduces lines and wrinkles because it restores elasticity to your skin.
Green Tea helps to both prevent and heal sunburn. It's healing properties are great for people with skin conditions.
Not only does it have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties but it also reduces hormonal activity which makes it especially great for people with acne.
It's also great for balancing your skin tone because it has a lightening effect.
It's extremely mild soap especially great for sensitive skin.


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