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  Natural handmade soap series
Natural saffron soap bar
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Natural saffron soap bar

Product Description

Experience our beautiful, handcrafted, fair trade spa soaps with pure, organic plant oils & essential oils grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. We are proud of our ingredients! With out skincare products, you'll only use 5 highly moisturizing ingredients on your skin, plus our nourishing essential oils. Our soaps use the highest concentration of essential oils on the market. All handmade, organic and aromatherapy focused. Our combination of therapeutic herbs and cold-pressed essential oils leave skin soft, radiant and rejuvenated. We never use anything synthetic, petroleum based or artificial in our products. Our gardens are located in the lush foothills of the Himalayan mountains. Anjolie Ayurveda's nursery and gardens are watered by a natural mountain stream and boast a large collection of roses, fruit trees, herbs flowers, tropical plants and orchids. With 10 acres under plantation, this fragrant and healthy landscape comprises the raw materials for our diverse line of high quality, handcrafted essential oils. Our sustainable farming practices reflect our commitment to a positive and sustainable developmental impact. Our products are handmade in India under fair trade practices. Anjolie Ayurveda provides education for our workers children in India. By sourcing all of the raw materials directly from local farmers, a larger margin can be provided to farmers to help increase their income. Anjolie is working hard to empower women entrepreneurs in India by manufacturing their products in women owned enterprises and by teaming up with various organizations to provide grants to women entrepreneurs in India. Our efforts bring a positive contribution by empowering local people, educating their children and giving them an instrument of income that imparts a feeling of self respect, dignity and purpose in their lives.


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