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Natural Julip soap bar
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Natural Julip soap bar

Handmade Soap Recipe: Gatsby’s Last Mint Julep

Like most people who took high school English, The Great Gatsby has long been on my list of favorite stories.

When I think of The Great Gatsby I think about Dr. T.J. Eckleburg’s giant scrutinizing gaze, Daisy’s unfortunate situation, hot parties, and cool mint juleps. It seems like that’s all they drink in that book—mint juleps. As a teenager I always romanticized this boozy beverage, thinking that when I came of age all I would drink would be mint juleps.

Well it turns out just the smell of bourbon whiskey makes me gag, but I still love the idea of cool mint juleps on a hot summer night. That’s why this Gatsby inspired handmade soap recipe is taking the form of a mint julep.

First I boiled down my bourbon whiskey to burn off the alcohol. This will make your apartment smell like a distillery, just a warning.

I substituted a small portion of my water for bourbon (82 grams of 344 grams, to be exact) and added a teaspoon of sugar to the mixture. I placed the mixture in the fridge for an hour to get it as cold as possible before adding lye. Because of all the sugars in the water solution, the lye will have a very fast and hot reaction when added. It’s important to keep it as cold as possible, so when I combined my lye and water/bourbon solution I had the entire mixture in an ice bath as well. I d


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